Is a Brazilian Butt Augmentation Effective and Longlasting? Or Can I Lose It Easily After Working Out?

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Longevity of fat injection

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Dear m. canales90,,

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but fat injection to the the butt disappear completely or almost completely after one year. That has nothing to do do with working out. When you shove into the buttock a large amount of fat that is lacking circulation, it will not survive. It takes about a year for the fat to get absorbed and the scars under the skin to mature and go down in volume. Buttock augmentation with silicone implants feels and looks natural. Most importantly, they do not disappear. Consult with board certified plastic surgeon who is experience in that procedure. Check the before and after and make sure that you like the result. The implants come in few shapes and consistencies and can be placed in different anatomical locations.

           Best of luck,

                                Dr Widder

Does the BBL Last

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The fat that is transfered after the BBL will last forever. When you gain weight you will also gain weight in this area and when you lose weight the same will happen to your buttocks.

However a precentage of the fat that is injected immediately after the BBL will resorb. This number can vary from 20-50% and depends on how the fat is handled, the area and way it was injected and your specific body characteristics. A lot of this can be unpredictable. However all patients look better becuse your body is recontoured with the lipo and your buttocks are larger with the fat transfer.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon


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The fat that is grafted has to be handled appropriately to ensure that it "takes" and becomes viable fat tissue in the buttock.  There is some overcorrection to compensate for 30-40% fat graft resorption.  This is the best option from other techniques for buttock augmentation. 

Is the BBL effective and long lasting>

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The BBL is the most natural and po[ular method of buttock augmentation. In our experience if the fat is well retained at about 6 weeks post-op then there is an excellent chance that the fat will remain and be permanent. It is the first 5-6 weeks which is crucial because by that time new fat supply has grown in and the initial phase of healing defined as the inflammatory period has subsided. In about 30% of augmentations, patients may seem some absorption at 6 weeks and may then need a second fat grafting. If a second fat grafting is desired and/or needed we have to wait at least 3 months before the second grafting can be performed. After the second grafting it is very rare to need any more grafting.


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The Brazilian butt lift is a permanent procedure, Fat is taken from your abdomen area and is injected into your buttocks, in the most extreme of cases 30% of that fat can be lost. However a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will be able to calculate that even if you loose that much you are still left with amazing results.
With that new shape even if you loose weight or gain weight it will be in that same shape, The body looses and gains weight all together, We cannot choose where we want to store the fat. However your new hour glass figure will be permanent.

BBLis effective,healthier and long lasting than any another one/BBL is efectiva, sana y duradera

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yes BBL is quite effective, healthier and long lasting than any another one technique  implants exception, happens than normally fat grafted tissue reabsorves 25% after 3 to 4 years, but we always take in account this matter and  always  overcorrect the problem par exemple if you need 350cc on each butt we always put 450 on each one in order to compensate.

si el BBL es bastante efectivo y dura mucho mas que cualquier otra tecnica con excepcion de los implantes  por supuesto, sucede que la grasa autoinjertada se reabsorve en un 25% despues de varios aƱos, pero nosotros siempre lo tomamos en cuenta y lo sobrecorregimos por ejemplo si ud. requiriera un vol, de 350 cc en cada nalga nole pondremos esa cantidad sino un 30% mas  como 450cc para compensar

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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