Zinc for hair loss?

dear doctors, i was suffering from hair loss and my doctor told me that i have to start using minoxidil, it started using it since last November, and the results were more than great, this month i started noticing that my hair is shedding alot, im freaking out, i use minoxidil everyday and i take my iron pills; i am considering taking zinc (15 mg)as it stops hair shedding, but i want to make sure if it causes any side effects?is it okay to have a zinc pill of 15 mg everyday? thank you

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If you have been improving on the minoxidil and are undergoing shedding now, I would recommend having some labs checked to see if your iron levels are too high or if you are deficient in something else. There may be a correctable reason for your hair loss. Zinc can help if you are deficient in it.

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In my opinion, zinc can both help hairloss and cause hair loss. Zinc deficiency and low dose supplements are helpful. One must limit the duration of use. High doses for a long period will increase shedding.Good luck.


Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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Zinc and hair loss

Yes, Zinc can cause hair loss if you are deficient in it. If you are not so, then taking Zinc will not help your hair

William Rassman, MD
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