How to get rid of lower eyelid lines and excess neck skin? Considering cost & benefits (Photos)

I am 45 years old, for 3 years I've been doing fills every 6 months and botox. I every 4 months. I did blepharoplasty eyelid and Beramendi Thread Lift 5 months ago. But now Lower eyelid lines are deep again and have again Excess Neck Skin. The surgeon assured me 6 years for the results, but I feel cheated. I would like to do a facelift but not now. How to Get Rid of Lower eyelid lines and Excess Neck Skin considering cost x benefits because fiiles are expensive and did not last too mucht.

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Lower face/ neck lift for excess neck skin

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In our practice, the only way to tighten excess lower facial and neck skin is with a lower face and neck lift.  In addition to tightening skin, the SMAS and the neck muscles are tightened in 3 locations. Fatty deposits are also removed from the neck and the jowls are lifted. For many examples,  please see the link and the video below

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