Will my open wound recover as nicely as the rest of the incision? (Photos)

Before the 3rd week after inframammary breast augmentation 370cc under the muscle, the bandage was removed by the PS to reveal two open wounds, one on each breast incision. I have been taking care of it as the Ps instructed with dressing and clean bandage after every shower (2 a day). My question is, does it look like it is healing properly? And if so, how long it will take and will it ever look as good as the rest of the incision that remained closed together?

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it might look a little worse and if it does then it can be tidied up in the office.  relax you will be fine

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Will my open wound recover as nicely as the rest of the incision?

Thank you for your question and photographs and congratulations on your surgery.  I can see your areas of concern and these will take a couple of weeks to fully heal from the inside-out.  Your scar should look acceptable but will likely be wider than the rest of your incision site.  Maintain close follow up with your surgeon to ensure that your healing continues with no further issues as your augmentation results mature.  Hope this helps.

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Wound healing

You incisions seem to be making progress but still have a ways to go. You need to see your surgeon regularly until healed. Your final scars will probably be fine though the open areas will probably have a slightly wider scar. Good luck.

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Will my open wound recover as nicely as the rest of the incision

Thank you for your question.  You need close folow up with your surgeon.  The wound should heal without any problematic scars.  Best wishes

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