Would you recommend getting Teosyal lip filler?

Hello! I'm 25 years old and I have been going to my dermatologist for 2 years, she really helped me with my hair loss. However now I want to get lip fillers. I've been wanting for a few years but I'm still not sure about whether or not Teosyal is a good brand, and it's the only brand she uses. What I want for my lips is a natural result, i dont want huge lips, I just want them full, nothing major, just a subtle change. I'm always reading that Juvederm is the best though. What would you say?

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Lip fillers

There are many good lip fillers on the market. Teosyal Kiss, designed for lips is a beautiful product.I would not hesitate in getting this lip filler.  Another hyaluronic acid  product designed for lips is Emervel Lips. When a product is designed for the lips, it is usually softer and less stiff so that it will feel like your own when the product integrates. This is the ideal scenario.

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