Blepharoplasty or filler in a 25 year old female? (Photo)

I have dark circles since I was a child. I went to see two doctors, a general plastic surgeon and a dermatologist specialized in blepharoplasty. The first one said that the only way to improve my dark circles was through surgery. The dermatologist said I was too young for eyelid surgery and recommended hialuronic acid. I would like to solve my problem. How can the surgery solve completely the problem? Fillers would be better at this time of my life?

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Lower eyelid bags

Thank you for your question.  There are several ways to determine the exact cause of your eyelid condition.  For example, do the "dark circles" become more prominent when you look up?  Dermal hyaluronic acid fillers are less invasive than surgery and reversible.  I would consider dermal fillers to the area to help 'mask' the area of concern and help create a smoother contour in the lower eyelids.  Ultimately, an in-person consultation would be required to determine the exact cause and best treatment options for you moving forward.  Best wishes.  

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Blepharoplasty or filler in a 25 year old female? (Photo)

It is impossible to tell definitively without actually examining you.  However, if you do have herniated fat pads you might benefit from reducing their size through an incision on the inside of your lower lid and then adding some fat grafts to the hollow "tear trough" area just below the orbital rim. Hope this helps.

David A. Caplin, MD
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Put your finger on top of your bag.

You will feel that it is hard.  Your "bag" is caused by your orbital rim and not from herniated orbital fat.  That means that standard lower blepharoplasty will not help you.  Unfortunately, some so-called eyelid surgeons just do not understand this reality.  The dermatologist who assessed you is right.  You would do very well with hyaluronic acid fillers.  just understand that these are fussy services.  Who does the treatment makes a big difference.  Don't have surgery, have fillers instead.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Lower eyelid bags

This is a common concern. There is a genetic predisposition

on some patients to have prominent bags earlier than others.

Judging just by your pictures a transconjunctival blepharoplasty

may be a good option if skin excision is not required. Otherwise

a subciliary approach may help. I would not recommend HA fillers

in your situation. Discuss your options with a board certified plastic 

surgeon in your area. See link below.

Best wishes.

Fernando Colon, MD
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