Is it possible to get asian eyes? (photo)

I don't like my eyes, and my dad is half Japanese, so I would like to know if I could ( If it isn't too difficult because of my eye shape) get surgery do get more asian like eyes. Thank you

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You have an Asian eyelid.

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So what needs to be determine is what precisely bothers you.  In looking at your eyes, what I notice, is the lash ptosis.  The eyelashes hang down and shade the top of the eye making them look dull.  An anchor blepharoplasty will brighten the eye and make them look more jewel like.  Less is more.  You need structure.  Almost no skin should be removed.  Your risk in having eyelid surgery is going to a surgeon who really does not understand what you are looking for and removes upper eyelid skin and fullness.  This will make you look less Asian and you will be very unhappy with that type of result.

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