What do I need to do to align my lips/jaw/teeth with my face (cheek/nose)? (Photo)

My lips are a little proeminent, and my top teeth are inclined because they tried too follow my lower teeth. So I want to align them. I already had to extract 2 molar teeth, and have to extract 2 more (that are inclinated in horizontal). I want to make my face more harmonic and I'm still not a full adult. Thank you very much for reading!

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This is very tough question to answer just by a few photos, I would recommend seeing a craniofacial surgeon in your area for a complete evaluation of your occlusion and dentition.  From the picture and your description of your front teeth being proclined, my guess if your lower jaw has grown forward too much and may need to be set back.  The only way to say for sure is a in office appointment.

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