Braxilian but Lift 10 Days Post Op?

It still hurts to walk alot . It hurts to lay down . I went to the doctor he saids I'm fine . He checked for abcess nothing . Now I'm just taking pain medication and calendula jarabe . Still hurts I don't know what else to do . What can help me healed faster I'm leaving the 31 of may to New York 5 hour fly I don't know how I'm going to do it . I already prospone my flight a week . I wonder if because the doctor put 900 cc on each it hurts so much ? Helpppppp

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Brazilian Butt Lift 10 Days Post Op?

I'm obviously sorry for the problems you're having but there is no substitute for being able to be treated by your original surgeon throughout the entire recovery period.  It may settle down on its own, you could be having some fat necrosis, some local inflammation, etc; it's actually hard to say.  As this appears to be unresolved and you need to leave, your should ask your surgeon for a referral to a PS near where you'll be, and what (if any) fees may be involved. 


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