Is BRAVA Important Post Fat Transfer?

I understand the concept of BRAVA before fat transfer to increase the evelope for the harvested fat, but post-op, isn't it harmful for the injected fat to have pressure (vacuming) on the area? I was told that using BRAVA after fat transfer increases the blood supply which is paramount for this true? Are there other tips to help retain fat in the breasts? Thank you in advance.

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BRAVA and fat transfer

In the post-operative period, the BRAVA is only used with low continuous suction, almost like an external splint, and which is unlikely damage cells. Even though it would at first seem like this pressure is directly transferred to the fat cells it really is not as the fat is suspended essentially in a fluid type medium of the surrounding tissue as the fat receives nutrients from the surrounding tissues during the early phase of healing. So the effect of the suction after surgery is probably advantageous due to the fact that the vacuum maintains nutrient rich fluid or plasma around the grafted fat as well as keeping the blood vessels open for better blood flow to the grafts. There is a lot of data on the use of external vacuum pressure on open wounds to show that the wounds heal faster, due to a multitude of related factors including improved blood flow, increased growth / healing factors etc. BRAVA works in similar fashion on the tissues underlying the skin. This concept is probably the best understood and most logical approach to help retain the fat, and at this time I am not aware of any other proven devices or methods to help retain fat that has been grafted. Surgeons and researchers are continuously working on ways to increase the survival of fat grafts by improving our approaches to harvesting, processing and grafting the fat. BRAVA adds an extra dimension by optimizing the quality of the bed into which the grafted fat is placed.

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The BRAVA external expander and fat transfer to the breasts

In theory the BRAVA expander does increase blood flow to the breasts after fat transfer. Increased blood flow equates to improved oxygenation and nutrition to the grafted fat. The patient's overall health and nutrition, surgeon's experience and techniques, and the conservative transfer of fat to match the existing space and volume of the breasts are additional factors that improve the retention and survival of fat. Thank you for your questions. Best wishes.

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