Textured teardrop implant got hit and moved. Should I be concerned?

I had a breast augmentation over a year ago and everything is OK,my right breast was slightly tighter.Anyways 2days ago my friend extreme hugged me and I felt a pain in my right boob and the implant moved 2inch down!Its softer,lower and has a slightly different shape but I didn't had any pain or swelling after,No bruises nothing just a new position and now feeling implant on the side. I have sharp and burning pain exactly where the implant was before BTW I have textured teardrop under.Is it bad?

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Even with textured implants, malrotation which is rotation of the implant can occur. If you notice some new change in the way you look, consider seeing your plastic surgeon. Sometimes an ultrasound can help identify and diagnose this problem. Best of luck, MMT

Closed capsulotomy

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It sounds like the hug may have broken the capsule your body grew around the implant.  See if you can move it back up to where it should be and wear an underwire bra until you can get in to see your doctor, which should be soon!  Good luck.


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Shaped implants have a textured surface and typically do not move much.The pressure must have been tremendous to "shift" the implant. Your surgeon can do a follow up exam and compare photos if he took them postoperatively.

William C. Rigano, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Implant migration

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That must have been one hug!
It sounds like force potentially pulled the textured implant free from its surroundings. Textured implants kind of grow into the surrounding tissue and have an adherence to the surrounding tissue like Velcro. A strong force, like the one you described, can potentially pull it free and allow it to move or migrate. You estimate it at 2 inches, which sounds like it has migrated significantly. This is fairly uncommon, and I would suggest you call your plastic surgeon and be seen to get evaluated in person. If the implant now has a poor position, you will likely need some kind of the revision.
Best of luck!
Dr. Subbio
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Newtown Square/Philadelphia, PA

Implant movement

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Its highly unlikely that the hug caused enough damage to move your implant. After breast augmentation your tissue forms a 'scar" or capsule around your implant and you would need to sustain significant force to cause the tissue to breakaway from your implant and cause your implant to drop.  The only way to determine if you have done any damage is to arrange a review with your surgeon.

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