Brazilian Butt Lift Alternative for a Butt That is Too Saggy

What other procedures might work to enhance a saggy butt?

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Alternatives for saggy buttocks

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Without seeing a photo, it is difficult to determine what the best approach would be.  If you have enough fat, a Brazilian Butt Lift may make a significant improvement.  Sometimes we can elevate the loose skin with an incision that is hidden between the innner part of the buttocks.  If there is too much skin for that, then you may need a traditional butt lift with a scar that ends up in the junction of your buttocks and your lower back.  It  may be possible to use some of that excess skin to give you more shape to your buttocks also.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift, Lower Buttock Lift or Both?

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The options for the enhancement of the saggy buttocks depends on its shape. Lower buttock skin ptosis or sagging with good volume can be treated by a lower buttock lift alone. This will tuck in the junction of the lower buttocks and the upper thigh. For sagging buttocks that are flat (poor volume), the combination of a buttock lift with fat injections (Brazilian Butt Lift) may be needed to give the best overall shape and appearance.

Brazilian Buttock lift

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If the buttock is very saggy with excess skin folds then you need a buttock lift. If the skin does not fold then a Brazilian Butt lift will enhance the buttockand lift some.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Improving the Saggy Butt

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Hi there-

There are excellent alternatives available to you if your major problem is that your butt sags, but knowing which would be best for you would require a visit to review your goals, and an examination as well.

Your best bet is to first find a surgeon, then worry about the how and why...

Find someone with impeccable education, training, and experience. Positive reviews and a winning personality are great, but realize that their OUTCOMES are where the "rubber meets the road"- 

Good luck!

Brasilian Butt Lift Alternative for a Butt That is Too Saggy

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A Buttock Lift WILL correct and lift a sagging buttock and will lift and smooth sagging lateral thighs. It will leave a scar along the back portion of the belt. Please, refer to the web page below.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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