Is a Fever Normal?

I have been having a low grade fever off and on now my drains are out and I am still having a fever. I have been treating it with tyoenol and it goes away. I have gone to an after hours clinic to find I have a urinary tract infection that may be the reason my white blood count is slightly elevated. I want to know is this normal and how do prevent this from happening. The incision looks good per the afterhours clinic doctor.

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Running a fever after surgery

There are many reasons for having a post operative fever.  If a wound infection has been ruled out then the likely sources are a urinary tract infection or pneumonia caused by fluid collections in the lungs.  A low grade fever under 100 is not unusual but you should be checked by your surgeon and not by an after hours clinic.  Your surgeon understands your operation and is in the best position to diagnose a potential problem.  

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Fever after Tummy Tuck Normal?

No,  a fever should not be considered “normal”.  Make sure your plastic surgeon is aware of your situation;  he/she ( not after hour clinics)  will be in the best position (based on appropriate training and experience) to determine the probable source of the fever ( and treat appropriately).

 Best wishes.

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Fever after a tummy tuck

I would make sure that you're seeing your plastic surgeon for this. You might need to be on antibiotics for a while to help clear any infection that you may have.

Is a Fever after a Tummy Tuck Normal?

Hello and thanks for your question.

Having a low grade fever after an operation with a raised white blood count is not normal. You should speak to your Plastic Surgeon. 

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Post-op fevers

do happen and its nice you have a reason to have one.  However, persistent fevers require you visit your surgeon to ensure it is not your surgery that is the cause of your fevers.  Its reassuring to hear your incisions look good but always be on the lookout for changes and if they occur, let your surgeon know.

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Fever after Tummy Tuck

Contact your Plastic Surgeon regarding your fever.  The after hours clinic doctor should have referred you back to your surgeon since you just had surgery.  Your surgeon is in the best position to determine the cause of your fever.

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