Moles randomly fading away, could they come back?

I had two small moles on my face ever since I was born, but now they're randomly fading away. I thought I was losing one due to an acne scar, but then I noticed the bigger one is fading away as well! I actually Don't like this, as I feel they gave me character. Is there any chance they'll come back or is there any cream to Bring them back? I'm 22 years old, so is this normal?

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Can moles return?

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When moles fade naturally it is not likely that they will return. Your immune system has removed the pigment. There is no cream to stimulate the growth of a mole. My opinion is that you see a physician for a skin check to have these areas and any other moles evaluated. Some moles can grow back, but not commonly. Moles that do grow back should be checked. 

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