How long should I feel tightness after butt implants?

So I got my surgery in February 2016. Thanks god not complications at all, some pain but normal. I'm always felt that the implant feels tighter on top, but now I feel some tightness. The pain is not bad, I can sit and all but I need to be constantly changing positions and I'm in some disconferd. Is this normal after 8 months. Also I'm massaging and the massage feels so good

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Tightness after buttock implants

When the implants are placed in a sub-muscular position, overlying tightness is usually not a problem. It was likely that your implant was placed too superficially. 

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After buttocks implants

Hello Glenda, thanks for your question. Having some extra info  would be very helpful like implants volume, the plane they were placed and some photos to see your frame. Recovery time can be different in some patients.

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