I'm 30 with 3 kids and had breast lift with augmentation 10 months ago. Are my breast sagging or bottoming out? (photos)

1M post op my insisting opened and created a larger indicios when heeled looks horrible. I keep on noticing that my breast are sagging again and when I bend over I don't even have a shape anymore they just hang. They kind of remind me of 2 oranges in a pair of socks hanging. I'm very un happy. I went to my surgeon about 4 or 5 months ago and he's saying they are great and he can't get me better results because I had children. I took singular to avoid capsular breast for 2M

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Are my breast sagging?

In front view you appear to have very good shape.  The implants have nicely filled the hollow above and the lower breast and nipples have been lifted.  A better evaluation could be done with a view from the side, but I think shape overall is good. I hope you find this information helpful.

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Sagging or bottoming out after #breastlift #augmentation

I'm sorry to hear you are having these concerns just 10 months after your augmentation mastopexy.  Both your 1 month postop and 10 month postop photos look nicely symmetric and what is usually expected for an augmentation mastopexy result. I tend to agree with your surgeon that the result can't be improved upon much.  The scars could be revised, but another lift is going to tend to settle back into a similar position.  The tightness and swelling in the upper pole that you had postop doesn't last longterm.  See your surgeon to talk about this more in-depth and ensure that he or she is very clear on your feelings on the matter.  Hope this helps!
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You Have Some Pocket Relaxation

Thank you for your photos, they tell the story.  You had a fair amount of your own breast tissue before your surgery.  It seems from your pictures (hard to be sure without an exam) that your nipples were at your infra-mammary fold or just below.  That you make you starting our as a Grade 1 or Grade 2 ptosis (sag) with your own heavy breast tissue.

So if I were examining you at the time, and what I just described was true, I think I would have recommended a two stage procedure.  I would have done a W pattern mastopexy with internal suspension stitching first.  Let you live with that for 8 to 12 months and then if you still wanted to be bigger do your implants then.  The tow stage procedure has less relaxation and is better at keeping upper pole fullness.  Look at the difference between your 2 month photo and your 10 month photo.  Look at the upper portion of your breasts, the implants and your own tissue are no longer filling this area out.

But having said that, you do have a reasonable result for a one stage procedure.  Many women do not want a two stage procedure and I understand that.  I think you will remain stable at the shape you are now.

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I'm 30 with 3 kids and had breast lift with augmentation 10 months ago. Are my breast sagging or bottoming out?

In posted photos I see NO bottoming... Maybe you need to seek in person paid second opinions from boarded PSs .

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I agree with your surgeon and the other surgeon who answered this question. From a straight on view you appear to have a very nice result. Your implants are sitting in a good position with your nipples centered over the most projecting part of your implants. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to make your breasts look perfect in a standing position, a lying position, a bent over position, impossible. You have not bottomed out. You do have some enlarged scars which could benefit from a revision, other than that, you have a more than reasonable result.

I'm 30 with 3 kids and had breast lift with augmentation 10 months ago. Are my breast sagging or bottoming out?

Thank you for your question in photos.  Honestly I do not see any evidence of bottoming out  and I think the position of your implants is quite good.

I do see the scars which trouble you and I would ask you to make with her plastic surgeon and request that he excise and revise the scars.  A simple scar revision will also have the effect of tightening and lifting the breast.

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