What Brand Name Products Can I Use to Help my Skin? And when Should I Use Those Products?

I was on .1% but even after 5 months the peeling and redness never went away. Now on the .05% for 4 months I have no peeling or redness, but every single time I cleanse, my face becomes really dry. In between washes, my face is extremely oily. My blackheads on my nose have not gone away. I'm using the medication to treat my acne scars and blackheads, but the extremes between oily and dry skin are really irritating. The only time I experience peeling is when I shave my beard, any advice there? I use is Retin-A .05%, the cream version. I don't use any peel. My cleanser is from Cetaphil and so is my moisturizer. The moisturizer, however, makes my skin feel greasy, giving my skin an ugly oily shine, so I don't use it when my face becomes dry every time I wash my face or shave.

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