Melasma Treatment Options?

Hi. I have melamsa all over my face am 24 year old and am not pregnant or not even taking any pills. My skin is too sensitive. Can anyone help what should I have to do ? Do I need to go for any specific checkup ? I went for laser treatment took one treatment but I think it's getting worse. I really need help to know is it good to take laser treatment ?

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Melarase for melasma in women

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Melarase creams work great on melasma. I would start with the Brightening Kit, then add light chemical peels and laser if necessary for a Hidef improvement. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Solution for melasma management.

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Melasma can not be completely cured, however effective treatment are possible. This is because your skin is extremely sensitive to UV and even the smallest amount can stimulate your pigment cells to produce colour. The mainstay of treatment is strict UV protection- hats, sunglasses and SPF every 4 hours.

I prefer to use a combination of creams and laser for melasma. Hydroquinone can be used (5-8%), along with vitamin A creams. I usually start my patients on laser (low dose Q switch or Picosure) a few weeks after they commence on creams. Another laser I use is the Clear and Brilliant in the Permea setting combined with creams.

In some cases I combine glycolic AHA peels, and in other cases I use a tablet called Tranexamic acid to help. Melasma treatments should be tailored to each patient.

All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Laser, surgical and aesthetic dermatologist. Brisbane, Australia 

Melasma Responds Best To A Combination At-Home & In-Office Treatments

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Melasma remains unfortunately a chronic condition, meaning that as of this time, there still is no permanent cure for the condition and relapses are not uncommon. That having been said, there are happily a number of at home prescription-strength topical preparations, which, especially when combined with a series of in-office superficial peels, using agents such as 10-25%TCA for more resistant areas and full strength glycolic acid can result in significant clearing. Diligent use of sun protection with sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide providing SPFs of at least 30 is a critical part of the regimen, since even one brief episode of unprotected sun exposure can reverse six months of treatments. I don't really think that lasers have any place in the treatment regimen and with their potential for engendering post inflammatory hyperpigmentation may indeed make the condition worse, as your story corroborates. You would do well to seek the help of a board certified aesthetic dermatologist who can tailor a particular regimen to your specific problem and to your specific skin type.. Best of luck to you.

Melasma and Best Treatment

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I treat Melasma every single day in my office and most patients will improve completely with the correct treatment. Please consult an expert with Melasma to best treat you.  Cosmelan and chemical peels are the best treatments and I would avoid lasers which tend to make Melasma worse.  Best, Dr. Green

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