Should I get my dentist to smooth out my bonded tooth a day after it was done?

I just had my tooth teeth bonded yesterday, and I know that they feel uncomfortable at first, but one of my bonded teeth at the back feels so large compared to the other which feels very smooth. I don't know if they smoothed out the one that's bothering me good enough. And I have to get my brackets put back on those two teeth(I wear braces). I don't know what to do. I even told my dentist and the assistant what was bothering me and they both said to just wait it out. Please help, I am worried.

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Go back to your dentist for a follow up appointment

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I encourage patients that are having trouble adapting to dental work to return right away.  Just tell your dentist that you have given it 24 hours and still find the back of your tooth uncomfortable.  Good luck!

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