Brazilian butt lift healing - scared of my outcome. Advice? (Photo)

Hi there, I had a Brazilian buttlift this past Saturday and I'm very nervous for my results. I feel like the fat is all in my hips not in my butt. I wanted projection and I don't feel that I have that. I showed a picture of a girl on here with the bum I wanted and I don't see it. Can any doctor let me know how I might heal and how I can help my healing process ?! I don't want my hips so big!! I never did. I only wanted hour glass with projection ! Where my incisions are is that normal??

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Brazilian butt lift healing - scared of my outcome. Advice? (Photo)

You are at the early stages of healing and there is still a lot of swelling. Follow your surgeon's post op instructions regarding wearing compression garment etc. Best of luck.

Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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At this point, you have a lot of swelling and have to give it time to heal.  Best to be patient. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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