Alien Vagina. (photos)

What is wrong with me? I have never seen any photos like this, I am too scared to go to doctors

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Not an alien

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Go easy on yourself. What you have is a small amount of the hymen remnant protruding from the vaginal opening. This requires a small procedure to remove it. Easy peasy. 
The second thing is vaginal laxity or looseness of the opening. This can arise from childbirth most commonly. The opening can be tightened with other surgical procedures so that it is smaller and tighter. 
Lastly, you may have an element of prolapse. This is where some of the organs like the bladder or rectum push into the vagina. Best to see a doctor you trust for an eval. No reason to live uncomfortable with yourself!

Vaginal bulges and stuff sticking out after childbirth- am I an "Alien..?!"

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Oohh, my dear! You are "normal" and decidedly NOT "alien." You have a combination of prolapse of some hymenal tags, a "urethrocoele" from the top of the vaginal opening, and most likely a modest "rectocoele," which is a herniation/bulge of the vaginal floor. These are all termed "vaginal support issues," entirely secondary to vaginal childbirth(s), and can be "fixed" by a combination of carefully planned surgery and perhaps pelvic floor physical therapy. BUT-- no need to do anything if it does not seriously bug you functionally or sexually. If it does, see a gynecological or urogynecological specialist who also is savvy cosmetically.

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis, CA, USA

What is it?

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the large tag is a hymenal remnant and should be excised in office if bothering you. The more major defect in appearance is also probably a functional one: dropping of the anterior compartment of the vagina (bladder side) from presumed childbirth. Usually but not always this is accompanied by an equal defect on the rectal side of the vagina with looseness. This is a more difficult problem when symptoms develop and you should address this with your OBGYN/UROGYN in my opinion rather than a cosmetic specialist. It would be nice to have this be one and the same Dr.

Vaginal Surgery Options

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Candidates of Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty surgery are women who desire a more youthful appearance and function of the vulva and vaginal area.  For some women, the effects of childbirth, aging, trauma, and/or genetics, causes their vaginal tissue and muscles to become stretched, which results in loss of strength and tone in the vaginal area.  This may result in decreased intimacy and sexual satisfaction. In some cases, the laxity of tissues can be visible.  The lining of the vagina can be  reduced, removing excess and redundant mucosa decreasing the diameter  of the canal. The muscle ring , pubococcygeus, at the entrance or introitus can be tightened.  These procedures along with exercises such as Kegles can help keep the muscle tone  in this area.  Aesthetic Vaginoplasty, in many cases, can increase friction during intercourse, giving women more control of vaginal muscles, increasing sexual satisfaction, while also creating a more attractive and appealing appearance to the vaginal area.You should never be scared to see a certified plastic surgeon for consultation of what your best option would be to help you with any recovery issues for your vaginal area. I definitely wish you the best, and hope you are able to get this taken care of ASAP. Best of luck!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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