1) Sensitivity pain in four (two not complete) root canals? 2) My left jaw hinge now has a fracture? Of pieces sound and feel?

1) I had four root canals started last Monday, a week ago. I have much sensitivity in all four of them. It is believed that two of them have had the intended posts put in and two have not. Why so sensitive and will the sensitivity go away in time? 2) When I go to bite onto something, even something softer, my left jawbone joint feels as if it is now in pieces. This new feeling that wasn't there before is very worrisome for me. Do you know what this is and will it ever go away?

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I'm sorry that you are still experiencing discomfort after a week. You had a lot of treatment done in one day. Your mouth was also forced open wide for several hours. This is all very hard on the joint and your body. Give yourself a chance to heal. Try taking Ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory to help the sensitivity and pain in the joint. If things are not better in another week I suggest returning to the dentist to let them look at the situation. 

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Pain can be normal, no fracture in your jaw

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I there, I am really sorry hearing that you have a pain, here is my thoughts
Every time you have a root canal , your tooth nerve most of the time is being infected that's why they to that treatment.Symptom of infection are pain, swelling, throbbing pain, pain on chewing.  Root canals considered a major treatments and takes long time to do, is some cases 1-2 visit each visit 1-1.5 hour. In your case you had a 4 root canals at the same time, so i'm assuming you had your mouth open for a long time at least couple of hours. That's what explain your jaw popping and clicking, that's from stretching your mouth for a long time , which irritated your temporomandibular joint TMJ area between upper and lower jaws in front of your ear. if you didn't had symptoms like that before, this symptoms should go away, sometimes you need some massages and acupuncture and even to see a TMJ specialist in some cases.
In regards for pain, after root canals usually pain can stay for a day or two, however gradually it should go away. If you had a lot of infection pain to start with, you might have  pain longer than couple of days, but medicine your Dr prescribed antibiotics and pain medicine should help to relieve the pain.
Hope this help, i suggest you contact your dentist to check the area.
Good luck
George Sahakyan DDS

George Sahakyan, DDS
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