Brachioplasty gone wrong? (photo)

Hello, I did a brachioplasty on June the 17th of this year. After 1 week the wounds opened. The wounds became smaller but they didn't completely heal. 2 weeks ago the wounds became bigger again. I am in pain and much discomfort and I would like the wounds to heal after 5 months. My plastic surgeon doesn't know what to do anymore so I'm turning to the internet for answers.. I hope someone has some suggestions or answers for me.. Thanks for reading my message. Patricia

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Brachioplasty gone wrong? (photo)

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It sounds like you had some early wound dehiscence. This can be from a number of factors, including tension, infection, trauma and the like. More importantly is finding out why your wounds are still open after 5 months. Bacterial contamination, shear force or foreign materials can all be reasons for this, among others. My suggestion is to consult with your plastic surgeon or other wound care specialist to get the wounds to heal. Once they are healed and the scars are mature, they can likely be revised to obtain a more pleasing result. Hope that helps.


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