I have a singular anterior crossbite on my left upper incisior, will I need Braces? (photo)

I have a singular anterior crossbite on my left upper incisior, because of that one tooth my left front tooth hasn't moved into place and the tooth to the immidiate left is slightly crooked due to no tooth there to push it to the side. My question is will i need braces or would invisalign work better ? how long would my treatment take ?

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Invisalign or braces to correct my problem

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From the photos you have provided it looks like invisalign will help correct your concerns.  I would recommend you see a qualified dentist who can go over your options to decide on the best course of treatment



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Invisalign, braces.

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Invisalign is just another way of "doing" braces, and would be my first choice, since the aligners keep your teeth separated and allow for the movement of the teeth. Speak to your dentist or a qualified orthodontist as to the time that it might take. The Invisalign computer simulation is fairly accurate in time prediction. Best of luck.

Crossbite of canine

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Either braces or Invisalign would work

Sometimes crossbites are easier to correct with Invisalign as they prop the mouth open during the time that the crossbite tooth needs to jumb across from inside to outside.

Hard to say exact time without more info

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