Do I Need Braces For Small Teeth and Bite? When Should Excess Gum Tissue Be Addressed? (photo)

My teeth are small. & I've noticed that my bite doesn't seem that big either. I have a narrow bite. So I was wondering do I need braces to make my teeth look bigger?.. And what about removing excess gum tissue?.. Can I get the excess gum tissue off BEFORE I get braces? Who should I contact? A dentist first? Or an Orthodontist? What steps should I take? The top photos are my teeth the bottom are how I want me teeth to look. Are these realistic goals??

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See a dentist first for small teeth

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Your first step is to go to a good cosmetic dentist. Find someone that can show you a simulation of the different treatment options in your case. Doing orthodontics with your treatment will give you a better result. Excess gum tissue can be removed before the braces, but you may need a "touch-up" after the ortho is completed.

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