Do I Need Braces To Fix My Overbite? Any Other Accessories? (photo)

I'm Alayna and I'm 19. I'm attaching some pictures of my teeth. My dentist says I have a severe overbite and should get it fixed. Do you think I could benefit from treatment? What kind of appliances do you think I need (braces, rubberbands, headgear, etc.)? How long will I probably have to wear them? Can this be fixed at my age? Thanks!

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Correcting an overbite as an adult

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Yes, you definitely CAN correct your overbite!  Braces will work the best for this because they allow auxillary appliances to be used which can correct your overbite.  An excellent example of such an appliance is "Forsus" springs, which atttach directly to your braces and work over the span of several months.   One ancillary benefit of correcting your bite with braces is that you will notice a reduction in the amount of gums your display when you smile.  Overall, you should be able to correct your bite in about two years.  No headgear needed!

Seattle Orthodontist

You definitely can benefit from braces

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I think it is great that you are taking an interest in your smile, and there are a lot of different ways to treat your "overbite" so there isn't really one right answer.

It is tough to tell what I would do without some facial photos (I am a big believer in using braces to enhance your facial features), but I would approach your treatment with a few goals in mind:

  • Correct your overbite by moving your upper teeth back just a bit to correct what appears to be a slight protrusion of your upper jaw.
  • To slightly decrease the gumminess of your smile and leave you with a youthful smile that fits your face (the first goal will help with this a bit)

I think a great way to accomplish both of those goals would be to use what is called a Carriere Distalizer. It is a set of two small bars built much like your hip joints that go on before your braces, are used with rubber bands to do their job, and are hardly noticeable. This way you will spend less time in full braces, and you could do all this without taking out teeth. There are other options out there, but this is what I would choose.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

See an Orthodontist

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Hi Alayna...

Your bite can certainly be corrected by an orthodontist.  In most cases they will use traditional braces w brackets and wires along with bite turbos placed on the inside of your upper front teeth.  These will support your bite while your back teeth erupt and reduce your deep overbite.  Rubber bands may be necessary to refine your case towards the end.  Plan on a treatment time of about  24months.  Your dentist has made a great recommendation to you; one that may save you from future tooth wear as a result of your current bite.


Good Luck!!

PS great pictures!!

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

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