Braces, 2 Retainers, Rubber Bands... Feels Like Too Much. What Alternatives Do I Have? (photo)

First of all I am the worse patient I do not follow the protocol. Currently I have braces, with a permenant retainer on the bottom, expanding removable retainer on top and having to wear rubberbands. Is there hope for a patient like me, are there other alternatives in cosmetic dentisty rather than doing all of this? Is it possible to get maybe two permenant retainers.

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Alternatives to orthodontic overload

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The quickest way to bring your upper teeth back more is to consider slenderizing / reshaping of the upper teeth (right molar to left molar) and bringing them in, using your current braces. How much the upper teeth can be brought back depends on your bite and the shape of your teeth. Let your doctor know you are not able to wear the elastics and that you need alternatives to get your treatment done. I would advise against upper teeth extractions in your case - your smile is too good as it is for such drastic measures!

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