I have a gap where an adult tooth never grew in. Will I Need Braces to close the gap? (photo)

I had a baby tooth that had a cavity in it. After X-rays the dentist found out that I didn't have a adult tooth underneath. The dentist decided to pull my tooth because it was causing pain. Now I have a gap in my mouth. The dentists think it would be a good idea to get a implant. It has been a year since then and at the last appointment they informed us that the space was growing together. They said I would need something to hold my teeth in place. Would I need braces!?

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In a situation like yours it would have been better to repair the baby tooth and save it if at all possible because it would have held the space.  Since that was not possible and the teeth are moving now  the next best thing would be to get a lower removable retainer for night time wear so you won't lose any MORE space than you already have.  At least you could stop the process until later when you decide what you want to do for a long term solution.  At that time you can make a decision about whether braces would be needed to regain the space or if it would be possible to place the implant as it is.  The picture looks like some more space may be needed.    See an orthodontist and ask questions about holding the space for now and what treatment would involve in the future to get ready for an implant so you will know well ahead of time.



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Missing teeth is more common than you would think. You definately need to go see an orthodontist. The longer you wait the harder and longer your treatment will be


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