Would You Recommend Braces or Veneers For My Spacing Issues? (photo)

I'm 57 and wore braces at 22 to correct an overbite and straighten my teeth. Braces removed and was left with a small space between my 2 front teeth. Had space bonded but didn't last and had braces put on front 4 teeth to close gap then had teeth on either side of front teeth veneered to make sure gap didn't return. Space returned and veneers need replacing since they are 23 yrs. old. Should I have braces to correct overbite or spend $17,000 on veneers? I also grind my teeth at night.

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What is the advantages of veneers over braces

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You seem  to have minimal spacing, so whiten your teeth first then get veneers. With braces , you will have a high chance of relapse and you need to ware a retainer . And braces do not improve shade or shape of your teeth.

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Veneers or Braces for Spaces

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The problem with orthodontics is that the teeth are going to want to shift again.  I would suggest veneers and a nightguard/retainer to control the grinding forces which are most likely causing the shifting and wear to your teeth.  From the looks of your photo, four veneers might possibly solve the problem and fit better with your budget.

Would You Recommend Braces or Veneers For My Spacing Issues?

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You have great options for closing the spaces in your smile. In your situation I would want to investigate more about your teeth grinding (or even clenching). This intense pressure at night can actually move your teeth and allow spaces to re-open. No matter which option you ultimately choose, you will need a night guard to cushion your bite from the grinding.

Like all other great cosmetic dentistry, the right plan can help insure that you get results you are happy with. If the space has returned more than once, then your bite may be shifting. Neither braces nor porcelain veneers will control shifting teeth.

Make sure that your cosmetic dentist is highly skilled in managing bite problems. If you have other spacing or misalignments in your bite, then braces again (or Invisalign) could be the best answer. If the rest of your bite is good, then new porcelain veneers can create an amazing new look (as well as get the spaces closed).

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What should I do to correct the space I have

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I would recommend replacing the veneers rather than go back into orthodontics again.  You stated it would cost 17000 to fix the spacing issues.  If the cost is the concern then just focus on the front 4 or 6 teeth which should not be as costly.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Veneers for Spacing

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If I were you I would go ahead and consider replacing your veneers and closing the space that way.  There are much newer materials out now that will make your smile look extremely natural without a space.  I think that you would be thrilled with the result.  If cost is an issue, then perhaps you could replace only the front four veneers and not add any other teeth.  This would be considerably less than 17k.  Good luck.

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