Would Braces or Veneers Be my Best Option? (photo)

I had braces when i was 10 but my teeth just spread back out. It seems my front 4 teeth aren't big enough, there are gaps between my front 6 teeth and 2 gaps on the bottom between my canines, along with one of them being crooked. I want a perfect smile but being 23 i don't have a ton of money to waste. I went to my old orthodontist and he gave me an estimate of 5000 for braces but said nothing about my teeth being too small. Will i benefit more from braces? Veneers? or will it require both?

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Would Braces or Veneers Be my Best Option?

Judging based on the photos alone (without having a consultation and evaluating your bite) the most ideal option would first be braces, followed by veneers or 3/4 laminates.  The ortho would get your teeth properly aligned with less gaps, and the veneers would make the teeth larger.  If you do not want to wait being in braces, you may have the alternative to do what's called "instant ortho" which is where the dentist can close the gaps and give you the aesthetic look without all the waiting for braces.  Since you have gaps in several of your upper teeth, as well as small teeth, you would have to place veneers on at least 8-10 teeth to give you the ideal proportions.  If you do less than 8, you still may have small gaps, or end up with poorly proportioned teeth with veneers that are too large and wide.  Find a good cosmetic dentist who specializes in doing instant ortho and can evaluate your bite to give you an honest opinion and will be able to get you a good result.  If they cannot show you similar cases of treatment so you can see the before and after, or if they cannot do a wax-up model of your potential result, keep getting opinions.  Best of luck!

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Braces or Veneers

Braces would be a more conservative way to go.  Veneers or bonding may be needed after braces depending how it looks.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
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Veneers or Braces for Spaces

I would agree your teeth are undersized and probably a reason your orthodontic treatment relapsed.  Veneers would be an excellent option for you.  If your budget does not allow for veneers currently, bonding could be done to improve your smile for a few years and veneers done later.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
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Veneers would work

Veneers would be more predictable and stable. Be sure to find someone experienced, as it is not part of normal school training.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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