Best Braces to Straighten over Bite and over Crowding

Hi, I've had a few crooked teeth ever since I lost all my baby teeth. I've also had an over bite since then as well. Anyway, I was wondering what the best treatment would be. I would prefer as invisible as possible since I'm 21 (parents couldn't afford braces when I was a child). I was quoted by my regular dentist that I could straighten my teeth with invisalign (though she's not a ortho),but at $3600 I want it all to look good, less having to do traditional braces anyway. Pics Included below.

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Invisalign or braces for crowding and overbite correction

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From your photographs it appears that you have a pretty complicated bite problem. Given the degree of crowding, and in combination with such  pronounced prominence of the upper front teeth, it is not likely that Invisalign will provide satisfactory correction. My guess is that most orthodontists would recommend regular braces, and maybe even the need for some selected tooth removal to gain space for alignment. But, the only way to tell for sure is for you to see an orthodontist and have a thorough evaluation.  

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How can a person get the most ideal correction of an overbite and crowding?

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The question is "How can a person get the most ideal correction of an overbite and crowding?"  Braces or Invisalign alone will not get the best result in your situation.  Your overbite and crowding are due your narrow upper jaw.  This can best be corrected with Dentofacial Orthopedics, i.e., using a fancy removable retainer that can correct this problem without permanent teeth removal (or surgery). Then you could have Invisalign as a treatment option after the Dentofacial Orthopedic part.  This extra step before Invisalign can give you a fuller, more beautiful smile with better facial proportions, something to really smile about!

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