Braces - Can I Get Refund?

I am 10 months into my 18 month treatment plan and my orthodontist is moving away. So now what? He said I can have this other lady take over, but I do not want her to. I don't even think she is an orthodontist. So can I switch orthodontists and get a refund because he left mid treatment and didn't finish what he started?

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Refund for orthodontics

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Every office handles financial options differently.  If your dentist is leaving mid treatment his only requirement is to find someone to take over the case for him.  You may not be able to get a refund at this point.  Good luck

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Braces and Refund

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Every office sets their own financial policy. It is incumbent on the orthodontist to complete the treatment that he started, or refer you to an equally credentialed doctor to take over where he left off. If you were already quoted a fee for the entire treatment, then the new orthodontist should honor that same fee arrangement.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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