Top and Bottom Braces to Correct Overbite?

I have an overbite. My doctor already recommended me to an orthodonist. I'm going to him on July 15,2009 for an exam. I have lost all my teeth and all of them have came in. I was just wondering, do I need to have to get braces on the top row of teeth and the bottom row of teeth? Will I need retainers afterwards it doesn't fit me to just have to wear metal braces?

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Braces are recommended on top and bottom for best result

Teeth fit together like a puzzle. For proper function, each upper tooth must fit with a specific lower tooth in a specific position. This can be best achieved with the use of braces on both upper and lower teeth. Overbites and other problems are usually a result of malposition of upper and lower teeth together. Treating only one row of teeth with braces corrects only part of the problem. For most orthodontic problems, it is probably wise to get braces on both upper and lower teeth.

Retainers are always recommended after braces or any tooth moving procedure.

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