Do I Need Braces If I Have an Overbite and Want to Get Crowns? (photo)

I went to the dentist because I have space in my front upper teeth two of them are very thin and small and I want to get crowns. But I have an overbite and he recommended I see an orthodontist first. I can't afford braces and crowns my insurance only covers part of the crown treatment and it doesn't cover braces. My question is do I really need braces if i want to get crowns? Will it make my overbite worse or cause problems if I don' t? Isn't there a cheaper alternative to fixing an overbite?

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Ideally yes but you could do it

You have what is called "peg laterals". The best treatment for this is either bonding or veneers. This is much more conservative. Do not do crowns. The teeth are already small and the last thing you want to do is grind them down more for a crown. You could do either braces or invisalign to set up the bite and teeth. Your left tooth is tilted and more forward. By straightening it it will be much easier to get a great result and require less grinding to to do a veneer. Also, they will last longer.

You can still do it without the braces but may require more grinding, adjustment of the lowers, and maybe even to veneer all four front teeth.

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Do I Need Braces If I Have an Overbite and Want to Get Crowns?

The most ideal option would be to have braces first.  If you were to get crowns without having your overbite addressed, you could have future problems with the crowns breaking, wearing, or jaw issues.  Braces first and then cosmetics with crowns once the overbite is corrected will most likely be your least costly option.  Some cosmetic dentists, including myself, do what's called "instant ortho" where the bite is changed and opened using crowns, however, this typically is more expensive because it involves many more teeth on the upper and lower arches, including back teeth that need to be raised to adjust your bite.  Only a skilled and properly trained occlusion (bite) cosmetic dentist can correct for this.  If you see someone for this treatment, make sure they are not just looking to take your money and do crowns.  We see this often in other offices and the patient ends up having future dental problems and it's costs much more to redo treatment then it does it just do it properly the first time.  Best of luck!

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