Is This a Normal Part of Wearing Braces?

I decided to get fixed ceramic braces to correct and prevent further movement from recent shifting. i was given a 6-9 month treatment time. I have had them on not even a week yet & now when i close my mouth keep bashing my bottom front teeth to my top front teeth, if i pull my jaw back to chew my bottom teeth hit the back of my top teeth which hurts & makes them move. Please tell me is this a normal part of the process, i cant eat anything that needs chewing & feel like im going to chip my teeth

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Hitting front teeth with braces

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sometimes it is impossible to place lower braces without interference (hitting the upper teeth on biting).  Usually this is just temporary.  We do worry however if the lower braces are porcelain as this material is brittle and at the same time harder than natural they can break or wear away the upper teeth.

Options include starting lower braces after the uppers are out of the way, using metal lower braces, or using an appliance to dis-occlude the teeth for a period of time

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