Do I Need Braces for Crooked and Crowded Teeth?

People say my bottom front teeth look crooked. My top teeth are kind of starting to curve in a bit, and I have two molars that are trying to come in and my two baby molars below them aren't even loose! Can you help me?

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Braces for straighter teeth

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Teeth can be straightened with braces or with porcelain restorations placed on top of the teeth.

If you have skeletal discrepancies - meaning your teeth and the bone don't align very well with the opposing arch, then braces are a good open.

Because you have retained baby teeth, it is always best to get a panorex x-ray to see where the teeth line up and if you have a long time before your baby teeth may fall out. If you don't have adult teeth underneath the baby teeth, then they don't wan tot put a lot of pressure on the baby teeth, which could encourage them to come out earlier. Most people lose all their baby teeth before age 16, however, some people could have them as late as mid-thirties.

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Orthodontics is the most common solution to crooked teeth

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If teeth are in a position that is not desired, they can be moved to a desired location.  This is orthodontic movement, done by braces.

Interceptive ortho can be done to make comprehensive ortho easier at a later date.  A thorough exam by an orthodontist would be best.

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