Braces off Next Month but Profile Flaring. Will IPR Bring in the Flaring a Good Amount? Transfer Case Price Reduction? (photo)

Age 25. My orthodontist said my case was "borderline" for extracting 4 premolars vs not. Said my teeth might be brought in too much. Now, 12 months later, my teeth are straight. However the side view is very flared. I want IPR but my ortho doesn't believe in it for posterior teeth. Says I can leave my smile how it is or get 4 extractions. Another ortho will do invisaline and IPR for $3000+. Is it worth it to gain 7-10mm? I've half paid for these braces any cancellation/discount I could work out?

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Invisalign to reduce flaring

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That sounds like a great deal on Invisalign. If you are concerned with cost, then doing the IPR with the braces you already have may be a more affordable option :-)

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