Can I Get Braces with Missing Both Rearmost Molars on Lower Right Jaw (Missing 30 and 31, No Wisdom Teeth)? (photo)

Can I get braces if I'm missing my lower right side rearmost molars (1st and 2nd molar / #30 and 31)? I have no wisdom teeth. I had a bridge where number 30 was, anchored to 29 and 31. But then I had to have number 31 extracted for a broken root. Now I'm missing 30 and 31 (and of course 32 due to wisdom extraction). I'm planning on implants eventually, but would like to get braces first if that's an option. I have an overbite & upper and lower crooked teeth that are in bad need of correction.

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Can I Get Braces When I'm Missing Molars

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Yes, braces with missing molars is not a problem. In your specific case you need to address a lower jaw deficiency. That is, your lower jaw needs to be brought forward as part of the orthodontic treatment. Make sure this issue is addressed or you will be left with a severe overjet at the completion of your orthodontic treatment.

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