Braces with Mandible (Lower) Jaw Surgery?

It was recommended that I have lower jaw surgery even though my teeth are straight my profile is off & my jaw clicks. Orthodontist told me since its cosmetic that I would still need braces 6 months before & a year after. Can anyone tell me why. I realise my bottom teeth would be moved forward with the jaw surgery but braces before and after... my jaw would probably be a minor case as I said its mainly cosmetic. Also can anyone tell me the average time in braces. Thanks for your help.

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I can't speak to your particular case but "in general" most surgeons want the patient to have braces on when they do the jaw surgery so they can place wires or elastics to hold the jaw in the position where they want it to be relative to the other jaw and to let the jaw heal before the patient could move it.   In the past the patients would have their teeth wired together for 6 to 8 weeks.    Now this amount of time is usually not needed to due to the use of titanium bone stabilization plates and screws that help get the jaw stabilized much sooner.  The braces before surgery are used to get the shapes of the arches to match each other better so the teeth can be fitted together more accurately at surgery.  The braces after the surgery are used to finalize the tooth positions for best fit.

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