Braces Vs. Lumineers - Which is better?

I am interested in getting luminers or just braces. I want to cover up a gap between my front teeth. I am really self-conscience about the gap. I feel when I am laughing or talking that is people stare at. I think it's rude, but if I can correct that would make me very happy. Just wondering what is better braces or luminers?

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Should I Get Lumineers or Braces?

Without seeing a photograph of your teeth it is very difficult to give you a correct answer as to which would be better for you to have.  I can tell you that if the space is not too large, Lumineers may be able to close the space without making your front teeth look too wide.  If the space is really big orthodontics (braces) may be needed to give you a nice, aesthetic result.  Hope this helps. 

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