Braces or Invisalign? How Long Will I Need? (photo)

I have serious ortho work that needs to be done. If you look at the pictures you'll see that I have major issues. Large gap between front teeth, significant overbite,and my front teeth are protruding pretty far forward. I was told once that I would need jaw surgery to have my overbite fixed. Since I'm 33, I'd like to have this taken care of quickly. My smile (I really dont smile) has prevented me from having any relationships. And is a major factor with my self esteem. Which would be the best option?

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Not ever problem needs to be fixed perfectly as sometimes the "cure" is so involved that the patient would be almost as happy with a more limited correction.  In your case it looks like you could get a major improvement with Invisalign and no surgery....not ideal by any means maybe but a whole lot better than what you have now.

You need to talk with an orthodontist who is willing to explore alternative treatments with long as you know what the final result would be and the treatment is reasonable, then everything should be good!

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