Can I get braces/invisalign over a bridge? What are my options to improve my smile? (photo)

My teeth are shifted and it really affects my self esteem. one dentist said he can fix with veneers but I dnt know if thats going to fix my problem of having an overbite -I don’t have jaw problems This bridge is already bulky and I'm afraid it will look even worse with veneers. orthodontist said its going to be difficult to get braces and advised me to change the bridge and live with it! He said that even Invesilgin wont work in my case How can the bridge get sectioned if I have 1missing teeth?

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Invisalign with a bridge

This is a very complex situation. The bridge could be sectioned on one side of the false tooth. Or, the false tooth could be removed and a false tooth could be put in the aligners. This might be a good time to consider an implant where the tooth is missing. This may also be a case for traditional orthodontics. You do have serious malocclusion that needs to be addressed. I would get more than one opinion from more than one experienced dentist/orthodontist.

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