Braces, Implants, or Veneers?

Hello. I'm 35 years old and back in high school I had braces but after they were removed I got a retainer and did not use it correctly, now have had an overbite with my front right tooth sticking out more than it should (think of Nanny Mcphee only not as bad). The rest of my teeth are still straight other than the overbite and front tooth, should I get braces again or should I go with an implant or veneer for my front tooth? I don't mind the over bite it's the front tooth I want to fix.

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Implants cannot remedy crowding

If you look like Nanny Macphee, then your problem maybe just 1 incisor tooth.

If it is healthy but just sticks out, then I would recommend Invisalign with or without a 1 tooth extraction.

It may take upto 18 months.

Implants involve removing the existing tooth, waiting for gum healing and then planning an implant crown, very long and with risks.


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Dental implants are for replacing missing teeth

Without a photo to see your condition, it is difficult to know what is necessary.  If you aren't missing a tooth or if a tooth is otherwise healthy, I would assume an implant is not needed.  Porcelain veneers are sometimes referred to as "instant orthodontics" due to the quick results, but teeth are not moving at all with this service.  Braces likely will satisfy you unless the color and shape of your teeth need help as well.  Porcelain veneers allow correction of shape, length and color of teeth in as few as two visits.

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