Will Braces Really Help my Teeth or Worsen It (photo)?

i have my front two teeths protruded out and overlappd as shown in photo. i m scared if getting braces will really help after listening to some scaring feedbacks. some people find it cute but it embarrasses me most of d time . i dont want my face structure to change as i have heard so far .(underbite/overbite cases) . i want my teeths to be looked upon and want a confident doctor to say "yes your teeth will be fine ..just like others". look at it and let me know if i am worth having normal teeth.?

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Braces Will Help

Of course braces will work, and more importantly of course you are worth it! The crowding of your front teeth is nothing unusual to a well experienced professional. Forget what you’ve read , all you care about is your own case and this is not uncommon. Straight teeth not only give a beautiful confident smile but they function properly and are easier to keep clean and healthy.

Newton Dentist
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Will braces help my teeth

Orthodontic treatment can only make your teeth look better and put them in a healthier bite position. The main reason things don't work out properly is when patients try to cut corners in choosing a proper, qualified person for treatment. You should see an orthodontist for a consultation.

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
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Braces will help!

Braces will help correct your crowding, bite issues and reduce the dental protrusion.  I suggest you see an Orthodontist for a consultation to evaluate your bite.  They will be able to evaluate your crowding, address your concerns and discuss your treatment alternatives.  Best of luck!

Gregory Vaughn, DDS
Seattle Orthodontist

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