Would Braces Be a Good Option to Close This Gap? (photo)

I had a consultation with an orthodontist to see about closing this gap in my two front teeth. He said that my bite is good so he doesn't want to mess with it, therefore braces would close the gap by creating two small gaps on my 2nd and 3rd teeth on both sides. I have discussed this with my husband and friends, and they do not feel that this is an acceptable result. He also recommended getting a frenectomy before braces. What should I do?

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Gap between the teeth

I certainly think this can be fixed without any spaces left over....although you may need to narrow up the lower anteriors a little to better balance the size of your upper teeth relative to the lower.  Invisalign might be a great way to correct your problem and the computer  animation ofthe correction before you start would show you exactly how everything would turn out before you even started! 

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Braces to Close a Gap Between the Front Teeth

Yes, braces would be a good option to resolve your concern. The biggest challenge you will face is keeping the space closed. MAKE SURE you address this issue with the doctor.

Good luck!

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