Braces for Smile Correction

My smile is not really bad but it kind of looks like I have fangs. I need the teeth on both sides of my two front teeth just brought out and it should be perfect. The orthodontist said if I got braces it would take about a year, but I dont want metal braces at my age. Would it be worth it, or does it sound like I can even get them since it is so minor?

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Just do it

You wouldn't be asking this question unless you wanted your teeth to have a nicer appearance. For that reason...just do it. On top of that our teeth are moving throughout life. In time the teeth will become worse. Have them corrected now. Then wear your retainer, as instructed, the rest of your life. You can wear them mainly at night.

Chances are very likely that you don't have to wear metal braces. Invisalign or clear braces should do you fine



Encino Orthodontist
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Your smile could be a 10!

If your smile is an 8 or 9, why not make it a 10?  Having treated thousands of patients in my practice, I can tell you from your question that you are a little self conscious about a smile many people would probably be happy with.  But they are not you.  People all have different standards.  By the time the year has passed you will be happy that you did the treatment.  Then you will have nothing to be self conscious about and that glowing smile will help to open any doors that you want opened.  You are worth it.  Go for it.

Kent Lauson, DDS, MS
Denver Orthodontist

Tooth colored brackets or Invisalign may work

You may find that one year was a conservative guess and it will be done sooner. Or not. Hard to know for certain.

You don't want metal braces, so ask for tooth colored brackets or Invisalign.

If you are bothered, then it likely would be worth it.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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If your smile bothers you...its worth it to get it fixed

You have a lot of options. Braces for a year is not bad. It will greatly improve your smile. You don' have to have metal braces...clear braces are a good option. If your case is minor you may qualify for braces behind your front teeth only for a truly invisible option. You may also want to consider Invisalign, which is a brace free option utilizing clear aligners.

If you are unhappy with your smile, its always worthwhile to improve it.

Thank You

Matt T. Walton, DMD
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