Braces for Misaligned Jaw in Adults? (photo)

Hi, I'm 26 and I was told today that my jaw is misaligned and my upper jaw is also narrow. I don't know how to better explain it in english, so I hope the picture will suffice. The orthodontist says that braces won't help me and surgery is not recommended. I was hoping I could get braces but if there really is nothing I can/should do, I'd like to at least know why. Thank you in advance.

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Braces for Misaligned Jaw in Adults?

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I'm not sure I completely understand your question but let me try to give you a few things to think about.

I'm not sure why your orthodontist would point out problems (misaligned jaw and upper jaw too narrow) without giving you any solutions to the problem. I can assure you that there are solutions to the problems you mention. If your upper jaw is too narrow, and the vast majority of people with crowding of the teeth do have narrow upper jaws, then all you need to do is develop that upper jaw. Your orthodontist is correct to say that using braces to do this is not the best way but a simple appliance can develop your upper jaw. There are multiple appliance types that serve to develop upper jaws. The key concept is that the expansion or development of the upper jaw should be done SLOWLY. Rapid upper jaw development results in bone injury and relapse. The amount of expansion that you would require is minimal (based on the single picture provided) and wouldn't require more than a few months to achieve. After development of the upper jaw then braces (or Invisalign) can be utilized to straighten your teeth.

Good luck!

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