Braces Instead of Dental Implants for Teeth Gap?

I have straight teeth, but I'm considering braces to close a gap on my bottom and upper mouth from loosing 2 molars. Since braces would be cheaper than getting 2 dental implants I am considering this option. Would braces correct my gap problem?

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Braces vs implants to close a gap

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While braces could theoretically be used to close this gap, from a funcional standpoint this is not an ideal option.  Studies show that the more teeth a person loses, the shorter their average lifespan.  The thinking is that the more teeth a person loses the lower the chewing efficiancy, the less nutrients are absorbed, the less healthy the person becomes.

Laurel Dentist

Orthodontics could close a space, but caution is the word

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Orthodontics could be the answer to close your spaces, but you (and the orthodontist) will want to be cautious.  When teeth are lost or extracted, the bone supporting them will shrink.  As this bone get's smaller it may be difficult and undesirable to move another tooth into the spot where the previous tooth was.  It could lead to early loss of that tooth.  A dentist or orthodontist would have to evaluate the situation to see if that type of movement is desirable.  You also have to consider the mouth as a whole.  What happens to the rest of the teeth? etc.

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