Braces or Dental Implants for Missing Teeth?

I have a missing tooth on both sides of my lower teeth. I have already seen a doctor for this but I'm still waiting for a decision from her. It has been 2 months now but she hasn't replied to me. I also wanted to get braces. Which one is the best thing for me to do or which one should I have done first, braces or dental implants?

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A good orthodontist may be able to close minor gaps with braces

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However, if the spaces are too wide, braces may be detrimental, as your bite has a huge impact on the end result (you do not want to tip teeth in order to close the gaps, then end up with a deficient bite). In that case, implants should be placed, also in the correct spaces. The bottom line is that your restorative dentist , an orthodontist, and a periodontist should converse about your case to come out with the best solution, which will be esthetic and functional, for a long term outcome.

New York Dentist

Braces and Dental Implants: Which One First?

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I will typically recommend a patient move the teeth first, get them to the proper position, make the ideal space for the implant site, and then drop the implants in the perfect spot once everything is lined up. 

Always think to replace the teeth first

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When answering these questions, I never have all the information. There may be a situation where it works to just get the braces and forget about the implant, but this is most likely a compromise and will affect other things in your mouth like your airway. This may be a large or a small change, but if it is significant down the road, you will have wished you had gone with the implants.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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Missing teeth should be replaced

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When teeth are missing (and assuming there is a choice), it is best addressed by replacing them, not closing the space orthodontically. If teeth are otherwise crooked, braces can be used first to line everything up and hold the spaces, then at the end place implants. If implants were placed first, they may limit what can be done with the braces.

Both dental implants and braces can work, it's all about your time!

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Braces can take a long time to close spaces but you end with all your own teeth. Implants are a bit quicker but there is surgery involved which some people dont like. Remember there are bridges that can fill the space in two weeks. Give that some thought.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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