Can I Get Braces if I Crown and Veneer in my Front Teeth? I Don't Want to Have Any Teeth Removed. (photo)

I just need my teeth to be less protruding. I dont want any tooth removed. The four front teeth are crowned but the roots are still there. How long will I have to wear braces and the estimatef cost? I spent so much already. Thanks.

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Will crowns effect braces?

Crowns do not effect braces or invisalign as it is the roots that move.  It is however harder to get the braces to stick to crowns and veneers.

The second part of your question is more complicated.  If you want to correct protruding teeth you need to be able to move them back into your mouth....often this requires extractions...Before you start treatment ask your doctor exactly how these teeth will be retracted and how far.

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